Infragard Members 2023 Q4 Meeting

Register Now and Save the Date – November 17, 2023

The 4th Quarter IKMA meeting will be held at the FBI Louisville Field Office on Friday, Nov. 17, 2023.  In this first, and probably ONLY opportunity, this invitation to visit the Louisville Field Office is open to both Members and non-members of InfraGard Kentucky Members Alliance.

    • Pre-registration is required.

    • Registration deadline is Noon ET, Monday, November 6, 2023.

    • All potential participants will be vetted by the FBI prior to approval to attend.

    • Seating is limited to 50 participants.

    • IKMA members and pending InfraGard applicants will be given priority attendance.

    • IKMA priority will be based on registration date and time if number of applicants exceeds 50.

Approved attendees will be notified by email no later than November 15th.

The registration link is:

For the IKMA Meeting, doors open at 8:30 AM.

Opening comments and Guest Speaker presentations begins at 9:00 until 11:00.

FBI Louisville Cyber covers the entire state of Kentucky for all cyber related crimes.  From ransomware to “pig butchering” investigations, Cyber squad handles it.  SSA Wells will provide a brief on the basics step applied by cyber investigators and highlight expertise the Cyber squad has developed over the years. 

SSA Jared Wells joined the FBI in 2010.  His first office was New York where he worked counterintelligence and public corruption.  In 2017, he transferred to the Louisville office and began working cyber cases, both national security and criminal.  In January, 2023, he took over as supervisor of the Cyber squad.

A brief Member business meeting will be held immediately after the presentation, with the FBI store opening immediately following the member meeting.  Guests are welcome to attend the member meeting and visit the FBI store immediately following the business meeting.

Primary IKMA Business will be election of Board Members.  Deadline for nominations is Nov. 6th.  You can self-nominate.  The Registration URL is:

Feel free to forward this email to associates that may have an interest in InfraGard so that they may take advantage of this one-time opportunity.

Jim Eastridge, IKMA President

Visit for IKMA updates and important community information.

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